Journalists and LSM Forum West Kalimantan Indonesia Ask the National Police Chief to Give a Sense of Justice


Pontianak, West Kalimantan, Sulawesibersatu.com-Responding to various cases that occurred in this country, both from the press and among the public, which are suspected to be incompatible with the main tasks and functions (tupoksi) of the members of the National Police themselves, the Journalists Forum and Non-Governmental Organizations West Kalimantan, Indonesia, asked the National Police Chief, General Sulistyo Sigit Prabowo, to give a sense of justice to all members of the press and society.

This was conveyed by the Secretary General, Journalists Forum and Non-Governmental Organizations of West Kalimantan Indonesia, Wawan Daly Suwandi when met on Sunday, (13/3/2022) by saying that

The case of the arrest last Saturday (12/3/2022) against the General Chairperson of the National Leadership Council of the Indonesian Citizen Journalists Association who is also a senior journalist who often supports and defends the rights of journalists, Wilson Lalengke in East Lampung, allegedly based on a report from one of the traditional stakeholders, "he said.

The arrests made by Resmob and members of the East Lampung Police in front of the Lampung Police Headquarters gate were considered very irrelevant by many parties because they were suspected of being too excessive in their arrests and treatment.

"Not only because of offence or misunderstanding, which can still be found the best solution and discussed properly, but this is not the case but immediately arrested with an act of arrogance involving all Brimob personnel, what's wrong? "he asked.

He added that the Police should be able to protect them, not just use force to arrest a journalist who is not a terrorist, "he said.

In principle, he continued, we strongly support the efforts in law enforcement carried out by the police, but in this case it must also be able to provide a sense of justice, both from the press and the public, and not to be criminalized and selective, "he said.

In addition, he requested that the National Police Chief must act and act decisively not only with words but also in the form of persuasive, humane actions, as expected by all Indonesian citizens.

"Strict action must be taken against a number of elements within the Indonesian National Police, because these police officers in their actions are often not in accordance with their Main Duties and Functions (Tupoksi) which are in accordance with the directives and orders from the National Police Chief, "he said.

Not only is it not in accordance with the directions, he continued, the presence of this person even tends to damage the good image of the Police in an effort to build a POLRI that protects and provides services to the community with the slogan POLRI PRECISION, "he said. (NJ/MH.)

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